Product Design and Development


We are currently working with our customers to obtain permission to put photos and/or descriptions of the projects we have worked on.  Until we have permission, we can only provide a general description of the types of things we have done for them.  Here is a sample of the types of projects we undertake.

Motor Control - A microcontroller based motor controller for 3 BLDC motors with sinusoidal drive.  This is the quietest and most efficient way to drive brushless DC motors and also maximizes power, torque and motor life.  This product includes a small backlit LCD display and several other standard interfaces such as CAN and USB.  We collaborated closely with one of our embedded software partners in this development effort.

Communications - A battery powered, microcontroller based communications device that includes GPS positioning and exceptionally frugal power management.

Industrial Automation - A PLC based system controller to allow for remote automation and control of portable test equipment for use in especially in harsh environments.  This project included system integration with third-party test equipment, ruggedized networking, and both PLC and Windows GUI software.

Electronics Packaging - High density electronics packaging for our customer-developed electronics.  We worked with the customer to define board outline, interconnect schemes, and I/O port placement in order to meet their needs as well as to provide sufficient cooling and electro-magnetic shielding.